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Who we are

Impulso Newspaper is a Spanish-language media outlet based in Los Angeles, California, founded by Mireya Olivera, Marcela Rodriguez and Guadalupe Rosas Bojorquez+, on May 22nd, 2004.

Impulso’s mission is to record the history and experience of the Oaxacan indigenous community and Latino in Southern California. We also strive to be an advocate on behalf of the community to voice their concerns and interests and encourage civic engagement participation in the census and voting. Our stories are balanced and include many topics from immigration to health, education, climate change, sports, and cultures.

We’re the only newspaper in Southern California that serves the nearly 250,000 Oaxacan residents, the largest indigenous population within the Latino community, who, for many years, are considered invisible and ignored by general media. We have a strong distribution focus in many underserved areas such as the Pico-Union, Koreatown, East Los Angeles, and Hollywood where many Oaxacan residents are concentrated. 

We are an independent news media that since its founding we are here to serve our community, having direct contact with them to make known their great challenges and needs but also to highlight their great contributions to the society.

Impulso’s vision is to make changes in the community through a well-informed audience about the issues that most concern and worry them, such as migration, health, education, politics, culture, environment, etc.

For this we have a team of experienced Latino and indigenous journalism and communications professionals who know how to look for what their communities need and require to make a better community and achieve their goals of development with social justice.

On the one hand we have a developing community that makes great contributions to our society economically, culturally, socially and politically, but on the other hand we face great challenges that we have to highlight and face with good and clear information that reaches each of our audience.

Since our beginnings 20 years ago, we are committed in addressing the stories of our Latino and Oaxacan community residing in Southern California to put it in the local, national and global context with our website, platforms and social networks.

Our Team




Founder of Impulso de Oaxaca newspaper on May 22, 2004 in Los Angeles, California. She has been a reporter and journalist since she graduated from Institute of Communications Sciences and Techniques in Oaxaca City in 1992. She has worked in local newspapers in Oaxaca City and in radio in her news program. In Los Angeles he worked for an Oaxacan newspaper in 2000. She has received an award from Ethnic Media Services for her journalistic work and is a contributor to the book “Oaxacalifornia” in conjunction with the School of Journalism at the University of California at Northridge.

She is a fervent lover of her Oaxacan community and culture.


Managing Editor

Alarcón is an award-winning journalist, author and radio talk show host for over 20 years in the Los Angeles Area. Her first book ¨La Migra me hizo los mandados¨ was translated to English with the title: The Border Patrol Ate my Dust. Her second book was a novel ¨Revancha en Los Angeles¨ and her third about an incredible journey of a Mixtec from Oaxaca to Hollywood will be published in 2025. She worked for La Opinion from 1983 to 1994. CNN-Radio Network 1989-1990. Univision Network 1990-1992.  

Juan Flores



He has been a journalist in the city of Los Angeles, CA, since 1985 with the newspaper La Opinión; he held the position of Arts and Culture Editor. He is currently Executive Editor and writer for the bilingual digital portal www.purocineyalgomas.com, specializing in Film, Arts, Culture and Entertainment, he also collaborates as a columnist for the Hispanic Digital Network (HDN) platform. He has covered, for La Opinión and the website www.Latinoweeklyreview.com, the Oscar Awards ceremony for more than 15 years. In 2005 he obtained the Fellwoship in Cultural Journalism awarded annually by the prestigious Annenberg School of Journalism at the University of Southern California (USC), Los Angeles, CA.

Among the international media with which he has collaborated are: Proceso Magazine (México), El País Newspaper (Spain), La Jornada Newspaper (México), Marcha Magazine (Argentina).He has been active member of Los Angeles Film Critics Association and other organizations dedicated to film and cultural journalism in the United States.

Vigil Gama


Assignment Desk

Gama has a degree in Communications from the FCC, (American Communications Institute), has worked as a Producer of Talk Radio at KWKW 1330 AM and Television, also has been President of the Benito Juárez Cultural Committee in Los Angeles, Promoter of Culture between México and the United States through the Consulate General of México in Los Angeles and Editorial Coordinator of the Digital Magazine Bocado Latino LA.

Nora Estrada


 Copy Editor/Reporter

Founder and editor of Kiosko News, she is a consultant of Latino media in the United States. She began her career at El Norte newspaper in Monterrey, NL, México. She was part of the launching of Reforma newspaper in México City. She is a former editor, copy editor and reporter for La Opinión newspaper in L.A. and has been a scriptwriter for TV programs and former correspomdent in Los Angeles for Grupo Reforma (México).

Myriam Reyes



Reyes has been a reporter for Impulso newspaper for several years, conducting interviews with different U.S. politicians and personalities from the Oaxacan community and covering events in general related to this population, including Latinos, Asians, African-Americans, and Americans.

In 2023, she completed the reporting on Health Collaborative Fellowship connected with USC Annenberg to raise awareness and inform people of how the condition of overactive bladder impacts the lives of tens of millions of citizens of the United States, who mostly suffer in silence with this disease, seeing their lives impacted from the health area, work, economic, social, family and sexual.

She also worked at KRCA Channel 62 and in the bilingual project called Breves of The Register newspaper of Orange County, as well as for an online radio station where she was an interviewer and commentator on political, social, economic and cultural issues of interest to the Los Angeles public, in addition to working as a correspondent for two newspapers in Texas and one in California.

Myriam, who has a degree in Communication Sciences with a specialty in journalism, has worked on television, radio and in different Mexican newspapers covering presidential, state and municipal elections, as well as interviewing the main businessmen of the industrial and financial sector of the country, the United States and Canada, as well as important officials and politicians of those countries.

He has also taken several courses on economics, business and taxes in Mexico and participated in an investigative journalism program for Proceso magazine.



Trilingual Oaxacalifornian (zapotec-spanish-english)- writer and thinker. He studied journalism at the University of California at Northridge and has worked for television, radio and newspapers. He is a freelance writer reviewing about important issues in both worlds: México and the United States. Some of these investigations are recorded on XEGLO, México’s public indigenous radio station in San Pablo Guelatao, Oaxaca. He has been a basketball narrator for the Oaxacan Angeleno tournaments and currently narrates the Guelaguetza festivals in several Californian cities and other cities such as Phoenix, Arizona.

He is also a chronicler of the Oaxacan diaspora and a winner of a CaSa Award in the Zapotec language, an award sponsored by the master of the arts: Francisco Toledo.


Copy Editor

For many years he has been a broadcaster of his own radio programs. He started in 1985 at the Los Angeles Newspaper as part of the sales and public relations team and later working for the talk radio station “La Voz” in the program “De todo un poco”, among other things.



Graphic Designer



Advertising Manager

Carlos Trujillo Puente Kainos MX Diseño Web Mty y USA

Carlos Trujillo


Impulso Newspaper

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